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Mysokoni (Company number 10909339) was established to improve the experience of users shopping for accessibility products. We believe, no matter what other challenges life offers, finding products that will positively impact your life should not be one of them. Our passion for excellence and equality is what inspired us to start this marketplace, and with your help, we will continually improve your experience and satisfaction. 

Our Goals

  • To help people living with disabilities to find products that will dramatically enhance their lives
  • We know there is a wide range of life-changing products available but people with disabilities, their families either don't know they exist, where to find them and if they do which is the best option for them. 
  • Mysokoni aims to be the single place where people with disabilities can find, compare and make an informed decision about products that can positively impact their lives. 

Our Passion

We are starting from a humble beginning, working long hours with a lot of dedication and passion to create something lasting. This marketplace with your help will grow into something special. We are good listeners, so your suggestions are important and will be seriously discussed by the team. Please send any constructive suggestions to info@mysokoni.co.uk We will start with a few products and steadily grow this marketplace into something special and lasting. 
We aim to work with vendors who are as interested in bringing our customers quality products as they are in providing responsible pre-sales and great after sales service. Whether you are a niche supplier or an international manufacturer providing tried and tested to market leading life-changing products we welcome you to join us. We asked that you apply for an account here and upon account approval, you can start uploading products. We only approve vendors that can supply a high level of customer service to our customers. 
We believe in mutual respect, but it is a two-way street. We ask our Vendors to respect our Buyers and vice versa. If for any reason a resolution to a dispute cannot be agreed, we would like to hear about it. Please send any complaint to complaint@mysokoni.co.uk

Poss-Ability TV

As part of our goal or help disabled people and their families, we've created a video channel. This channel will aim to bring information and education that will help individuals, families and professionals understand the latest technologies, gain an understanding of what is available on the market, discuss topics that will bridge the gap between disabled and non-disabled people and hopefully influence those in a position to make life better for people living with disabilities and their families. 
We will build the website and the video channel steadily, being picky with products available on the site and content we generate using video. 
You can visit Poss-ability TV here

Podcast Channel - We have created a podcast of the video so you can take it on the road. Visit the podcast channel here

If you are interested in being a guest or have suggestions of topics we should be covering, please send us an email to poss@mysokoni.co.uk

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Registered Office: Belvedere House, Basing View, Basingstoke, Hampshire RG21 4HG


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