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Our mission is to help disabled and elderly people find products that will enhance the quality of their lives. We want disabled and older people to play a part in helping those looking for products by providing some written tips that will help with their decision making. 

How you can help?

We are looking for volunteers who want to help others by reading about a product, doing a little research and providing some buying tips. The tips can be a couple of sentences or a few paragraphs depending on what you feel comfortable providing. 

Do I need to have personal experience with the product?

The short answer is no but honesty in your review is vital. You must be able to do some research on a product and provide an informed review of a product. 

How long is the advice?

This depends on your experience and how much you enjoy writing. A review can be a couple of sentences or a few paragraphs especially if you have had personal experience with it. Below is an example of a short recommendation or a slightly longer review of the  HandyBar

Short Advice Example

Recommend for: older people who find it challenging to get in and out of a vehicle especially low ones.

Not Recommend for: people who do not have sufficient strength in their arm to support their weight.

Long Advice Example

Some vehicles are high and some are low which can make them harder when getting into one or out of them. The reason is that as you push the door open and turn to get out there is nothing to use as leverage to support your weight. Sometimes you can use the back of the seat but the more weight you put on a seat in this way to more it is inclined to move which can make you unstable. 

The Handybar is a simple product and it acts as an extra handle you can use as leverage to lift yourself out of a lower vehicle or hoisting yourself up into a higher one. It is recommended for people with mobility issues and I've recommended it to my mother and mother-in-law. 


Whether you write a long or short review, it is best to include:

  • I recommend this for: 
  • I do not recommend this for:

What to do next

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