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Adapted Vehicle Hire

Adapted Vehicle Hire

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Adapted Vehicle Hire provides adapted cars for hire, we cater for all types of disability in order to greatly improve mobility for our clients. At Adapted Vehicle Hire, we see ourselves as more than just a vehicle rental company because we understand that everyone’s requirements are different. We provide a service to our clients, enabling them to get back on the road after an accident, have the freedom to take a holiday or just enable them to continue with their daily lives. To get a quote just click on the Request more infomation link below and complete the form. We will get back to you ASASP.

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Adaptions to our Accessible Vehicles

disabled rental car adaptation

Push Pull Hand Controls

Allows the vehicle to be driven using single lever push pull hand controls rather than pedals.

disabled rental car adaptation

Left Foot Accelerator

We use a “flip style” accelerator on the left hand side of the brake pedal that flips down when required.

disabled rental car adaptation

Left Foot Accelerator Plate

Allows the left foot to operate the accelerator pedal whilst guarding the right accelerator with a plate.

disabled rental car adaptation

Steering Wheel Aid/Ball

This steering aid can be easily gripped to allow the wheel to be turned with minimal effort.

disabled rental car adaptation

Infra-Red Steering Ball

Helps to control all vehicle auxiliary functions for people with limited upper body mobility.

disabled rental car adaptation

Indicator Crossover Bar

An adaptation that allows the driver to indicate with the right hand instead of the left.

disabled rental car adaptation

Easy Release Handbrake

Attaches to the parking brake to bring the operating handle nearer to the driver.

disabled rental car adaptation

Indicator Toggle

Allows easy and safe operation of the indicators whilst using other hand controls.

disabled rental car adaptation

Wedge Cushion

Provides back support when driving and boosts height.

disabled rental car adaptation


Conversions allow wheelchair users to travel in the rear of the vehicle without wheelchair transfers.

disabled rental car adaptation

Transfer From Wheelchair

Enables a wheelchair user to independently transfer themselves into the driver’s position.

Wheelchair Accessible Minibuse

Wheelchair Accessible Minibuses

These larger vehicles have up to four wheelchair positions and a variety of seating combinations.



Adapted Vehicles for Hire
Group Example Vehicles Passengers (Up to) Doors Adaptations Incl: in Price
A (Small Car) Vauxhall Corsa 4 3 & 5 Left Foot Accelerator | Hand Controls
B (Medium Car) Hyundai i30 5 5 Left Foot Accelerator | Hand Controls
C (Large Car) Ford Mondeo 5 5 Left Foot Accelerator | Hand Controls
D (Crossover) Kia Sportage 5 5 Left Foot Accelerator | Hand Controls
E (Estate) Ford Mondeo Estate 5 5 Left Foot Accelerator | Hand Controls
MPV5 (People Carrier) Vauxhall Zafira 5 5 Left Foot Accelerator | Hand Controls
MPV7 (People Carrier) Ford Galaxy 7 5 Left Foot Accelerator | Hand Controls
*Subject to availability. Delivery & collection charges apply. Rates are subject to VAT unless user is registered disabled therefore exempt from VAT.

Customisation– our specially trained engineers are able to fit adaptations to suit your individual requirements. All cars have Left Foot Accelerator and Single Lever Push Pull hand controls as standard.

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Our Location



Unit 508, Stone Close , UB7 8JU West Drayton , United Kingdom

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