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Rollz Motion 2 in 1 Push Wheelchair and Rollator

Rollz Motion 2 in 1 Push Wheelchair and Rollator

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The Rollz Motion is both a push Wheelchair and Rollator in one. This is an ergonomically designed product built with a strong but light frame for walking safely and comfortably upright. The Rollz Motion is ideal for anyone that can walk short distance but then needs to be mobile in a sitting position. The Rollz converts easily from a rollator to a push wheelchair in seconds. VAT Relief Price - £527.85 Order by 2 PM for free next day delivery.

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Disabled or chronically sick people can claim VAT relief on purchases for personal or domestic use that are applicable to their disability or sickness. Please complete the VAT relief form

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Topro Rollz Motion Specifications
Specifications Regular Small 
Recommended user height 160–190 cm 155–185 cm
Maximum weight of user 125 kg 125 kg
Maximum capacity basket 10 kg 10 kg
Handle height 86–102 cm 81–97 cm
Width unfolded 65.5 cm 65.5 cm
Length unfolded 63 cm 63 cm
Seat width 42 cm 42 cm
Seat height 54 cm 51 cm
Diameter front wheels 20 cm 20 cm
Diameter rear wheels 30 cm 30 cm
Dimensions folded L × W × H 63 × 29 × 86–102 cm 63 × 29 × 83–99 cm
Weight rollator 10.6 kg 10.6 kg
Weight wheelchair package 3.7 kg 3.7 kg

The Rollz Motion 2 in 1 is a unique product for people that want the independence of walking with a rollator but sometimes want to sit and be pushed without needs 2 mobility devices. The Rollz Motion is strong and lightweight and converts quickly and easily into from a rollator to a push wheelchair. The seat has been designed to offer increased comfort.

It is perfect for someone who can walk short distances for example with a walker but then needs to be mobile from a sitting position. It solves a problem many people have with a loved one or when caring for someone with limited mobility. They can walk whenever they like in the walker position but then easily converts into a wheelchair for someone to push them. 

It comes with a 5-year warranty on the frame and 2 years on other parts excluding normal wear and tear. 

Complete VAT relief for to get the VAT Relief price of £527.85

To see the versatility watch the product video here

Features include:

  • Height adjusted 
  • Easy to manoeuver
  • Design with style in different colours
  • Stable with ergonomic hand grips
  • Innovative drum brakes for safe and balance breaking
  • Easily folds into a compact package for storage or transport
  • Changes from a wheelchair to a rollator at the flick of a wrist
  • Large wheel for stability and comfort



  • Shopping Bag
  • Cane Holder
  • Cup Holder
  • Travel Bag
  • Backrest
  • Footrest
  • Reflectors




Product Questions

How much does the Rollz Motion weight?

Both the Rollz Motion and the Rollz Motion Small weight only 10.7 kg. The wheelchair package weights 3.7 kg but can be left at home when not needed. It is therefore a real lightweight rollator. When folded, it can be easily lifted into the car.

Answer by on 2019-08-01 08:13:13   |   + See more answers (1 Answers)
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How do I fold the Rollz Motion?

First make sure the bag under the Rollz Motion is completely empty. Remove the wheelchair package and the seat cushion. Under the seat you will find a red button, which needs to be pushed up so the seat can partially lift. Then press both sides of the frame towards each other. Watch this video on the product description section to see how it works

Answer by on 2019-08-01 08:17:02   |   + See more answers (1 Answers)
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Can I take a Rollz rollator in an airplane?

Yes, you can certainly take a Rollz rollator in the aeroplane. The Rollz Motion and the wheelchair package can be very compact when folded. We advise you to use the Rollz Motion till you reach the gate and then ask the flight attendants to stow it during the flight. If you want to check-in the rollator, it is better to use the Rollz travel cover to protect it from damage while travelling.

Answer by on 2019-08-01 08:33:38   |   + See more answers (1 Answers)
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What size of footrests do I need?

To determine the size that fits you best you need to measure the length of your leg, from the inner side of the knee till the bottom of the shoe heel. Find your correct size below. 34,5 cm – 38,5 cm: small 38,5 cm – 42,5 cm: medium 42,5 cm – 46,5 cm: large Whether you order the Rollz Motion or the Rollz Motion Small, this does not have any influence on the size of the footrest that would fit you best.

Answer by on 2019-08-01 08:34:41   |   + See more answers (2 Answers)
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How do I get the vat relief price as I am registered disabled?

Purchase the product at full price. Download the VAT relief form, complete the form and email to the vendor. They will refund your VAT as soon as the form is received.

Answer by on 2019-08-01 08:41:00   |   + See more answers (1 Answers)
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