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Standard Coccyx Posture Kneeling Chair

Standard Coccyx Posture Kneeling Chair

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The Coccyx Kneeling Chair has a cut-out to alleviate pressure and it provides fatigue-free sitting by aligning the spine correctly and ensuring a good posture. Perfect for working at a desk it is fully adjustable and arrives assembled.

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Dimensions: Length 75cm x Width 48cm x Height 35cm

The Standard Coccyx Kneeling Chair is specifically designed to alleviate pressure at the base of the spine and encourage good posture quite naturally. It tilts the pelvis forward and thereby corrects the position of the spine into a painless, natural alignment. 

Ideal for working at a desk as they provide comfortable, well-postured and fatigue-free seating. The Coccyx Kneeling Chair is British made with a frame of sustainable Beechwood and it arrives assembled and ready to use. It can be adjusted for height and angle to provide maximum comfort for all users, tall or short. The Coccyx Kneeling Chair is ideal for the following; Coccyx injury, coccydynia (tailbone pain), post back / spinal injury, scoliosis, pilonidal sinus, osteoporosis, coccyx bruising, protecting the bottom of spine against pressure sores, post hip surgery, arthritis pain, travel, pain associated with pregnancy, damaged discs/facet joints in lower back. 
The Minimum height for users is 5 ft 3 in. The Maximum weight for users is 15 stone. The Kneeling Chair is Guaranteed for 2 years.
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