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UV Kit Large

UV Kit Large

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This Large UV Kit is fun and easy to play with and helps with children's understanding of light and colour.

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Size: 80/40/40 cm.

Usage: Sensory

Weight: Approx: 2.5 kg

The large UV Kit will entertain children whilst helping with their understanding of light and colour. It can be used for both group and one-to-one play. The huge reactive sensory kit has a large range of toys that glow in the dark when exposed to the UV-Light creating a stimulating visual effect.

Suitable for children 3+

Pack contains:

1 x Large Bag, 1 x Medium Lamp, 1 x Large Torch, 1 x Small Torch, 1 x Light up Crystal Ball, 2 x Soft Strip with rings, 1 x Slinky, 6 x Dinosaurs, 1 x Snake, Variety of Reptiles, 1 x Wavy Spaghetti, 43pc set of moon and Stars, 2 x Microfibre Cloths, 1 x Green Koosh Ball, 1 x Mini Aquarium, 2 x Square Bean Bags, 2 x Cube Bean Bags, 2 x Squeeze Balls, 3 x Ribbon Ring, 2 x Rubber Discs, 2 x Ribbon Wands, 1 x Small Ooze Tube, 1 x Soft Multi-coloured Ball

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