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The easyTravelseat is the first, never been seen before in-situ transfer device, designed specifically for people with Physical Reduced Mobility (PRM) to ensure safety, dignity and comfort when being transferred on and off an aircraft. Designed for young teenagers to a large adult, the easyTravelseat can be used by 2 to 4 manual lifters or with a hoist. Safe Working Load – 200KG

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Product features:

  • Manual handles – 8 individual handles for manual lifting, giving greater option of lifts available in different spaces
  • Extension straps (for manual handles) – 2 additional straps for extra leverage when manually lifting in tight spaces
  • Looped hoist straps – 2 back straps, 2 leg straps and 2 inner leg straps
  • Cushion – choices of 2″ or 2.5″ ofColdmould memory foam
  • Travel pouch – to put your phone, passports and useful travel documentation in
  • Cut out side panels – to include pass though of a wheelchair or aeroplane seat belt
  • Pouches – to hide away the looped hoist straps when not in use
  • Professionally looking and discreet
  • Safe Working Load – 200KG

**NOTE: all Able Move slings come with a 2 year manufacture warranty**

The Benefits of Able Move

  • No longer do you have to rely, worry or wait on airports and special assistance to provide transferring equipment. With Able Move, it is yours! You can now travel to any airport, the sky has no limit!
  • Your in it for the whole journey, even on the aircraft!  The Able Move, is first placed into your wheelchair on the day of your travel. You are then transferred by your preferred way into the Able Move. You will now remain seated within it until you reach your destination. 
  • Your dignity and safety  No longer do you need to manually moved around by special assistance to get the transferring equipment under you, it’s already in. Also removing the scenario of never having to be lifted under your arms and legs again!  Able Move can be used in emergency situations with its manual handles and extension straps.

  • Enhanced Comfort Able Move comes with a double layered pressure relief cushion to alleviate pressure from the lower back and buttocks area when sitting on the aisle chair and aircraft seat for sustained periods.


If your wheelchair cushion falls within the following dimensions, we advise following Able Move Pro sizes:

Up to 15.5″ – Small

Up to 16.5″ – Medium

Up to 17.5″ – Large

Up to 18.5″ – X-Large

Please note, if placing the Able Move on top of your wheelchair cushion, you will be 2″ to 2.5″ higher, so you may need to adjust your wheelchair footplates and or arm rests before travelling to compensate for the height increase.


Click on image below to see video demo

Easy Travel Seat

WEIGHT 1.5 kg
DIMENSIONS 46.9 × 46.9 × 6.35 cm

Discret, Manual Transfer, Hoist Transfer, Cushion, Pouch


Small, Medium, Large, X-Large


Small 14.5", Small 15", Medium 15.5", Medium 16.0", Large 16.5", Large 17.0", X-Large 17.5"

X-Large 18.0"


2", 2.5"

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