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Greeper Sports Shoe Laces White - “Once Applied, Always Tied”

Greeper Sports Shoe Laces White - “Once Applied, Always Tied”

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Greeper Sports shoelaces (white) are an innovative, modern alternative that provides an accessible and easy-to-use replacement for traditional shoelaces. “Once Applied, Always Tied” – Greeper laces stay tied not matter what conditions they’re put under. Can be tightened and adjusted without the need to unfasten. Ideal for those with disabilities, limited movement and one-hand to adapt everyday shoes. Easy and simple to use – intuitive design, perfect for adults and children alike. Available in a range of fresh, modern and fun colours

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Greeper laces will remain tight and fastened when put under even the most rigorous usage and have been designed specifically for those with many different types of disabilities, to allow you to adapt your sports shoes without needing to opt for velcro-fastening footwear.

Whether you have limited dexterity or perhaps for those with motor skill issues, the Greeper range of laces are simple and easy to use - once fitted to the shoe in-place of ordinary laces, the Greeper laces can be tightened and adjusted simply using one hand, and without having to be undone - making them ideal for those with arthritis or for those whom struggle to bend down due to pain.

Greeper Sports laces can be used on any type of ordinary lace-up shoe, however, the sporty design makes them perfect for running, gym and general athletic shoes. Durable and reliable, award-winning Greeper Sports laces have been recommended by a number of athletes, including Chrissie Wellington MBE, Tom Lowe and Rachel Joyce.

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